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  1. Well, hello everyone!!
  2. Where are you from?
  3. KASH is really my initials ...
  4. What stores do you want to see deals for?
  5. Advertise on CWC
  6. Let me know what icons you want to see!
  7. What has been your best/favorite deal ever?
  8. hello everybody
  9. We're Looking For New Forum Leaders!
  10. Is it too early for me to put falling snow on the site??
  11. It's snowing!!!
  12. You're Invited to Join the CWC Forum Leader Team!
  13. Hello Everyone
  14. Hello I'm Trey
  15. Hello
  16. Newbie here
  17. New to this site
  18. Jana the cat lover
  19. New here
  20. Hi everyone new here
  21. Just wanted to say Hi!
  22. Back at it
  23. Newbie
  24. hi
  25. I am the new guy
  26. Just want to say Hi!
  27. I am the new girl
  28. I am the new one
  29. Just want to say Hello.
  30. Hello!
  31. Hi