View Full Version : It's snowing!!!

11-13, 05:02 PM
Do you like it???

11-13, 09:03 PM
That was my yesterday morning at the ranch. Woke up to grid power being out, not unusual it goes out all the time.

Well pump took a dump sometime during the night, I guess all the use with the clan being home for the holidays was too much for it. Having a extra pump keeps me from getting killed by my wife.

We tilt the pump house over on its side, its on hinges and set up the tripod to pull the piping and pump. Too slick to use a quad as the muscle to pull the pipe so we fire up the tractor. Up comes the pipe in 20 foot sections and we replace the pump. First time in 20 years it has failed. Snowing like crazy and the wind was howling. New pump installed and the water is back on. Im sure glad 3 of my sons were still visiting.

Solar is just about nil in this weather and will have to run the Generator to charge the batteries and peak power needs today.

Such is living out in the sticks. At work today in town and the power has gone out twice since 7 am.

The last of the clan headed home today as school starts. Im blessed with having most of my family so close. Found out last night that Im going to be a grandpa again.

Living in the sticks is not for everyone, and I wouldnt trade it for anything.

On a personal note, when your wife tells you their is no water for a shower, the correct response is not, the pond is full, but a little chilly. Having a couple of my grand kids laughing didnt help either.

God Bless.