View Full Version : KASH is really my initials ...

04-19, 10:20 PM
I totally couldnt remember my old username ... Anyone? This is Kerri btw lol

And my initials really are KASH as per my driver's license ... Kerri Ann Snowberger Higgs ... I couldn't give up my maiden name after the re-marry ... But let me tell you, it's a long name to sign for legal documents!

Hi all! Just got back into couponing a few weeks ago. Nothing major at all ...

04-19, 10:22 PM
Too friggin funny!!!!! Wasn't it Kerri with some numbers after it? Or just Kerri? Maybe I am old...lol LOVING THE NEW NAME THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

04-19, 10:44 PM
Oh. Well, guess I was all proper and shit then lmao

I like Kash. Who doesn't lol

04-20, 07:40 PM
I like Kash. And this by the way is Kathy. Hence, Katsnow!!! It can be pronounced Kats now or Kat snow. LOL