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Thread: - Great gift!!

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    GG - Great gift!!

    I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a certain amount of apprehension involved in agreeing to try Home Chef. Anyone who has ever attempted to prepare a meal from a recipe and had it come out nothing like they anticipated will understand. That is definitely NOT the case with Home Chef, and I am so happy that I tried it! I can’t even begin to describe the excitement of creating gourmet meals with so little effort. From detailed instructions (including a list of the cooking equipment needed for each meal) to fresh, quality ingredients, Home Chef provides just about everything you need to prepare delicious and impressive meals (with the exception of kitchen staples such as olive oil, salt and pepper).

    My Home Chef package of three meals for two arrived the day before Thanksgiving, and the first meal was certainly a welcome convenience after cooking Thanksgiving dinner. It included everything I needed to cook three beautiful dinners. I was home when it was delivered but the package was well insulated and contained ice packs so it would’ve been just fine sitting on my front porch for a few hours, had that been necessary.

    Here are the details on each meal…

    Meal #1: Shrimp Spring Roll in a Bowl

    I chose this meal first because Asian food is something I enjoy eating but, other than the occasional stir fry, have never had the confidence to try to prepare.

    The final result actually resembled the photo, which is something that rarely happens with recipes, and it made me feel like a pro! Not only did it look good, it was delicious! The peanut sauce was absolutely amazing, and I wish there had been a bit more of it.

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    Meal #2: Pulled Ranch Chicken Sandwich

    Everything was incredibly fresh, even after sitting in the refrigerator for three days; especially the pretzel rolls.

    Instructions weren’t quite as specific as for meal #1. I was left wondering what to do with the sauce I had created with the hot sauce and sour cream, although common sense told me to put it on the sandwich. The instructions also didn’t include putting part of the spring onions on the sandwich in addition to garnishing the potatoes, but doing so really kicked the sandwich up a notch.

    I added some additional seasoning to the potatoes, since I didn’t think salt and pepper would be quite enough for our tastes. They turned out a little overcooked and chewy, but very tasty.

    The amount of cheese provided could’ve been a little more generous, since it was used for both the potatoes and the sandwich.

    All in all, it was very tasty and was given the official “serve again” seal of approval by both my S.O and me.

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    Meal #3: Texas-Style Steak on Toast

    Timing-wise, this was the most challenging meal to prepare. Had I not read the recipe all the way through prior to beginning (as recommended by Home Chef), and had I not been an experienced cook, I wouldn’t have known that adjustments were necessary in order to get this meal to come together while everything was still warm. Additionally, the equipment list did not include a potato masher, which was a definite must in order to properly prepare the potatoes.

    That being said, this was another phenomenal meal.

    The steaks were excellent quality, and were tender enough to cut with a butter knife.

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    Bottom line: I highly recommend Home Chef for anyone looking for exciting, delicious, impressive, and easy to prepare meals for two. Each meal provided two large, satisfying portions with no leftovers to find room for in the refrigerator.

    I received a package to review. All opinions are 100% mine!

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    Looks great!!

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