I received this item for free in exchange of a review.

Clipa is something that I have been wanting to try for years. I loved the idea of my purse being off the floor...eww who has not had to lay their purse down on a gross bathroom floor or had to hold it in your lap as you used the bathroom? More than once I have encountered a bathroom stall without a hook and found myself wishing that I had a better solution for my poor handbag. I will tell you that this product is amazing. Only once did it fail me and well it was more my fault that the actual Clipa. I am an avid picture taker. I take my camera to all sporting events and theme parks. It is almost always on my person. The reason why I say this was user error is due to the weight of the camera. I am not one to use a traditional camera bag. I have however turned a few handbags into camera bags. Sadly, the Clipa was not able to hold the weight of my camera or my extra lenses.

I did use the Clipa with my regular purse/handbag without any issues. I also had it go through the xray machine at the airport and it is made to travel with you any where/any place. I received a total of 4 Clipas. A beautiful Matte Silver, a very elegant Polish Gold, my favorite Hematite (almost like a shiny metalic black color), and a sophisticated Polish Silver. Is this something that every woman would want or need? YES! There is nothing better than knowing you have a different solution than putting your bag on the floor.

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