Meet the eA980R Anemometer!!

This is one of Ennologic's newer products and has 8 parameters including wind speed, temperature, barometric pressure, pressure altitude, humidity, wind chill, and more - this is big with drone flyers, remote control race car and plane enthusiasts, (check wind speeds on the track and in the air), target shooters who shoot aerial long distance targets (skeet shooting? lol) and need to track wind speeds to get their aim right , hikers, climbers, campers and all kinds of outdoor types who like to know the weather conditions - oh and sailors too!

Simply hold the anemometer into the wind or air flow you want to measure, and the device instantly starts displaying wind speed in mph. Prefer different units? Simply press the Units button to cycle through mph, m/s, ft/min, knots, and km/h.
The ennoLogic anemometer features a Hold function, backlit LCD display, and can display Minimum, Maximum and Average readings. Comes with carrying case, lanyard, LIR2032 battery and user manual.

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