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Thread: NOD Products - Great gifts!!

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    GG NOD Products - Great gifts!!

    Genius! There are very few products I can say this about, but the NOD products I was given to try truly are genius. Not only that, but NOD is a women-owned company, which makes me love their products even more!

    Letís start with the NOD Double Bowl

    How can I count the ways I love this product? First, itís a fun color and very durable. SecondÖit is absolutely the ultimate pistachio eating bowl! Just pop your pistachios into the white insert and drop your shells into the outer bowl. It sure beats having to use two, separate bowls or dropping your empty shells back into the bowl with the unopened nuts and having to search through them to find the ones you havenít cracked. I want to eat pistachios, not go on a treasure hunt!

    Of course, it would also work great for snacks like salted-in-the-shell peanuts, whole strawberries and cherries. The white insert even doubles as a colander, making it super simple to rinse the berries before enjoying them.

    Now letís talk about the NOD Wine Pourer and Stopper.

    The genius behind this product is that itís a pourer and a stopper combined. In the past I have used acrylic pourers for my wine, but they have to be removed from the bottle in order to recork the wine (yesÖI occasionally have wine leftovers). This product works so much better! Simply insert the silicone pourer into the neck of the bottle, and fit the stopper over the top of the pourer. Remove the stopper for pouring andÖvoila! There's the pourer, which prevents wine from dripping onto your tablecloth or down the side of the bottle.

    I loved both of these products and, and would highly recommend each of them to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. I canít wait to try more of NODís innovative, fun and creative products!

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    I received an item to review free of charge. All opinions are 100% mine.

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    Those look awesome!!


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