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Thread: The Lil Holster by Holster Brands Review & Giveaway

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    GG The Lil Holster by Holster Brands Review & Giveaway

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    I was given the opportunity to try The Lil Holster by Holster Brands, in exchange for my review of the product.

    I have recently been trying to get more organization in my household and I am extremely picky when it comes to items just laying around with no rhyme nor reason. I want counter surfaces and table surfaces to be clutter free!

    The Lil’ Holster by Holster Brands is AWESOME for helping with decluttering areas/spaces and adding organization! It helps with organization in all types of areas, even down to the dinner table!

    I really like the silicone material it is made of and the very strong hold that it has when attached to a makes for a very sturdy product.

    I tested it in a variety of areas and found The Lil’ Holster to be very versatile! Also, not only is it versatile, there isn’t any sticky residue and the product is not a “peel and stick” product.

    Even with all of the versatility, I found with the product, my brother even thought of the idea to use it at the table to put his phone in instead of having it laying on the table to clutter the table and The Lil’ Holster worked very well for that.

    If you aren’t familiar with The Holster Brand products, they offer a variety of different holsters...such as the Hot Iron Holster, the Lil’ holster mini, the Lil’ holster Skinny, the Lil’ holster Any and the Hobby Holster.

    All holsters vary in specifications; however, below are the specifications for the
    Lil’ holster -Any, which is the one I had the opportunity to try:

    A handy silicone holder for small household objects

    Conveniently attaches to any smooth, non-porous surface

    Easy to place, move, and clean

    Small holes in bottom allow wet objects to drain and dry

    Heat resistant to 250F

    Dishwasher safe

    Keeps personal items safe and sanitary while traveling

    I truly like these products and am glad I was given the opportunity to try them! I will definitely be purchasing additional Lil’ Holster products in the near future, to assist with the clutter-free approach in my household! I really can't wait to purchase the flat iron holster!

    Be sure to visit the Holster Brands website and order yours today!

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    Want to win 1 of your own? Simply enter below & good luck!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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