If you haven't already, you need to check out Lexi Butler Designs!

Lexi Butler Designs
is a small retail & wholesale jewelry business in Montana that
features unique stylishwire sculptedhandmade jewelry - necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more.

Check out this beautiful piece!!

Handcrafted Super Sparkly Polished Hammered Copper Cuff featuring a purple druzy bezel cup wire wrapped onto the bangle with silver wire.
Item# LBD100816
gauge 1/4 inch wide sculpted copper bangle
Decorative sparkly hammered pattern
Polished to a high shine
Beautiful sparkly 8mm Agate Purple Druzy
Sterling silver druzy bezel cup
Sterling silver wire wrap
Stamped Bangle with LBD
Fits a wrist from 6 1/2-7 inches
Made in Montana

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Lexi Butler Designs was featured ons Local news on the Montana Made which featured only exquisite artisans. My jewelry was also featured on TV Shows like Jane the Virgin and Riverdale and worn by famous TV Stars!!!

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From Lexi: I hope this will be interesting to you...as it is my story of how I became an artisanI was born into a jewelry-making family in Germany and by the time I was 4 years old I was the proud owner of my first coping saw sawing Disney figures out of wood painting them with watercolor and proudly hanging them up in my room.My love for tools and metal grew and having watched my father work and design jewelry, modeling in wax it became all too clear I wanted to be his apprentice one day.In 1986 I was the youngest of my school to received the journey man's degree in goldsmith/jewelry design with just 20 years old.

I worked at my Father's site for a total 10 years. I not only learned a lot about designing jewelry and the craft itself but also saw his continued struggles in trying to sell his beautiful costly 18 Kt gold and platinum jewelry with high karat finest gemstones you can imagine. Growing up around my dad, I had a deep appreciation for ones of a kind created beauties. However, super expensive jewelry is only available to some, unfortunately, those with lots of money.

I met the love of my life in 1990, got married in 1994 entered motherhood and left my life as a goldsmith/jewelry designer behind to be a full-time mom.

In 1996 me, my hubby and 14-month old son Justin immigrated to Montana. My hubby was born Iowa.
In 1998 our daughter Helen was born. When our youngest daughter started going to school in 2006, I went to my favorite craft store with a gift card of $200 that Tim had given to me on Valentine's Day that year.

Being totally overwhelmed at the craft store with all the possibilities that gift card offered me ...I simply prayed for direction and that's how I found myself in the jewelry making department.

I bought beading books, some wire, all kinds of beads. I did not need tools because I had brought them with me when we immigrated to Montana. Needless to say, I spend every penny on that gift card
. It just gradually happened from there. In 2007 I made my US citizenship and in 2008 I opened my business. Over the course of the years, I build and rebuild websites and renamed my business several times. I self-taught new jewelry techniques, like bead
weaving and wire wrapping and being a webmaster.
In 2014 Lexi Butler Designs was born.



What can I offer you with Lexi Butler Designs?
High-Quality Artisan made gemstone and crystal jewelry with the jewelry making techniques of wire wrapping, wire weaving, beading and also smithing. You will find my jewelry very affordable, but also unique in design backed up by impeccable craftsmanship. You will see that I have accomplished to create wearable art when you visit my Vault where I have displayed all my one of a kind design pieces.

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