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Thread: Boston - A Wonderful City!

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    Boston - A Wonderful City!

    Even though my family is from NY, we are HUGE Boston Red Sox fans. As Red Sox fans, it is very important to know the area & the culture of Boston. We had wanted to go for years & years and finally, we got the opportunity! We went to Boston for a whole week, stayed downtown, went to a few Red Sox games, took a tour of Fenway and explored most of Boston!

    It was wonderful!! I have never seen a cleaner city! The people were super friendly and we just could not get over how clean the city was! We mostly took Ubers wherever we had to go but a few times, we just walked around, seeing the sites.

    Newbury St was gorgeous with all of the brownstones & restaurants with patrons eating outside. Boston Real Estate looked top of the line!

    There is so much history in Boston and it was awesome to see the exact places where I always learned in the history books! With their rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and legacy of arts, culture, and education, Boston has something for everyone. Parks, sports, the Boston marathon, festivals & so much more! The City has a wealth of museums, with everything from The Museum of Fine Arts to the Boston Fire Museum. There are a variety of free walks and trails throughout the City of Boston. Boston offers world-class dining and shopping options as well as local, artisan, and ethnic favorites. They have a number of places for residents and visitors to watch plays, films, and concerts. With the recent success of Boston’s professional teams, there’s much to experience in the City of Champions. The Office of Food Access helps to oversee almost 30 farmers markets in Boston.

    You can also take a Walk To The Sea - This walk encompasses four centuries of Boston history. Mixing historical landmarks with Boston’s skyscrapers, this walk is truly one worth taking. Or possibly a Tour of the State House - Tours last about 30-45 minutes and include an overview of the history and architecture of the State Capitol.

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    Default Boston A Wonderful City

    Hull has always been proud to be Yorkshire, never Humberside. Also very pleased about city of culture decision a huge opportunity for businesses and the city as a whole, and we dont mind beind cod eads either.


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