My husband and son are big into going to the gym & working out. We have a very hard time finding natural products that will help them pre & post-workout. I came across and knew it would be great! Before heading to the gym, I always like for them to have something to keep them going which usually consists of water or gatorade and a banana. That hardly ever does the trick for them. Even adding in a supplement, having them stretch and some pump up music, they still don't feel completely ready with their
pre workout preparation. Nutrition is important for pre-workout and I've learned that Tectanic Red and Citrulline peptides makes the perfect pre-workout regime. has the best pre workout products! I will now give them a scoop of this along with some milk and send them on their way! Why pay for a gym membership and spend your time trying to get in shape if you aren't going to maximize your resources? has such a great concept & offers the best pre workout supplement called Tectanic Red. Tectanic Red is a beet root powder with a high concentration of inorganic nitrates. Inorganic nitrates give you more power to workout and better pumps. In addition it will help will increase vascular function. also offer citrulline peptides. Citrulline peptides convert to arginine in the body which increases nitric oxide. Citrulline peptides work much better than arginine and has even been proven to make viagra work better due to its vaso support. By combining Tectanic Red and Citrulline Peptides one can have the best pre workout supplement on the market. They have GREAT reviews online & have been around for awhile now and seem to be doing everything right! From what I've read from their customers have said, they have the cleanest products around and have the best tasting products on the market. They are the only FDA registered protein lab. They have such a wide selection of proteins that I have no doubts that you will find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for pre or post workout supplements or just everyday products, you will definitely find what you are looking for! Their website has a wealth of information for all ages!

For pre workout, the best guidelines are no caffeine, good carbs (no pizza! lol), beet powder & no amino acids. If you follow those guidelines, you should be on your way to the best workout ever!

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