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I was recently given the opportunity to review the Midnight Scoop ice cream scoop. All I can say is wow! This is the Cadillac of ice cream scoops. First off, just look at that packaging. It has a nice weight that fits perfectly in your hand. This is an ergonomic, heavy-duty ice cream scoop that's built to dig through hard ice cream and last for a lifetime.
It is designed to push through the ice cream rather than scoop per se. It gives you greater control and you need less effort to get that ice cream into your bowl- which is really where you want it to be (at least before you eat it).

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The magic of the Midnight Scoop is the curved handle. It makes it much easier to scoop hard ice cream. You hold the curved end with the palm of your hand and "push" into the ice cream. This allows you to keep your wrists straight and protected while you push using larger muscles like your arms and chest. This is how to scoop ice cream.
The handle is long enough to help you reach all parts of a giant container of ice cream while remaining narrow enough to fit inside a small pint sized container. The front of the scoop is sharp to help cut through ice cream. The Midnight Scoop works exceptionally well with hard-frozen ice cream.

If you have an ice cream aficionado you are gifting to this year, this would make a wonderful present they will love from years to come (did I mention they give you a lifetime warranty?!?!)